Animal Welfare Foundation



Serving people and animals...together, means providing community learning experiences and veterinary health support knowledge programs to the benefit of both people and animals.

Animal Welfare Foundation's educational initiatives begins with people and it starts right here on this website. General need-to-know information in a simplistic questions-with-answers format on Ownership, Healthcare and Law, provide a starting point to stimulate the mind with the goal of creating an appetite for even further learning. But the Foundation's outreach initiatives into the community create personal interaction among students in elementary and secondary schools concerning animals, their care and careers in animal related professions. Additionally, periodic evening learning sessions conducted by veterinary professionals provide greater understanding about the various elements of selecting, training and caring for a companion animal. For schools and organizations seeking speakers for educational programs on various aspects of animal welfare please email us from our contacts webpage.

While the Foundation may not be able to accommodate all requests, we will always strive to provide counsel and advice.