Animal Welfare Foundation

About Us


Who we are: Marguerite Adams, DVM

As a life-long animal welfare advocate and a veterinary practitioner for nearly thirty years, D. Marguerite Adams, DVM, strongly supports the objectives of charitable animal welfare organizations.

The idea, though, of safeguarding the welfare of animals by focusing solely upon traditional activities such as animal shelters, adoption programs, and free or low cost spay/neuter clinics, does not go far enough. An initiative involving community outreach centered on providing essential education to the many people who might otherwise easily became frustrated owners and view animals as emotionless, disposable commodities was an area worth pursuing. "If a person truly understood the significant personal responsibility and financial expense of owning an animal," Dr. Adams thought, "could they be better able to make a more informed decision about acquiring an animal in the first place?"

It was with this mind-set that the Animal Welfare Foundation, Inc., was organized in the Commonwealth of Virginia on June 11, 2014, for charitable and educational purposes, which included preventing cruelty, exploitation and the abuse of animals, and promoting the overall health and welfare of animals in general.

Animal Welfare Foundation is operated exclusively for educational and charitable purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and has been granted tax exempt status by the IRS as a public charity.

What we do:

Even before the inception of Animal Welfare Foundation, Dr. Adams undertook initiatives of speaking to community groups and individuals alike concerning all aspects of animal ownership. She also gladly contributed her professional services and donated numerous supplies to both animal welfare organizations and individual animal owners in need of support assistance.

Through the generous public support of the Animal Welfare Foundation, Dr. Adams has been able to re-double her efforts. While the Foundation's primary focus remains in providing education to the public on any and all aspects of animal ownership, healthcare and law, additional animal welfare obligations have also been undertaken. Most recently, and again with the aid of donations, the Foundation has been able to expand its animal welfare mission by caring for the abused or homeless. The responsibility of providing for and rehabilitating a limited number of horses has been assumed by the Foundation.

Why we do it:

Animals are a cherished resource for all mankind. Many animals have social and emotional structures similar to us. Preserving, protecting, and fostering animal welfare must be a core responsibility for all of us.

How you can help:

Learning more about animals and sharing that information with others will help both people and animals...together. Donating any lightly used companion animal toys, unexpired supplies and food, will help both people and animals...together. Any financial aid will greatly assist in expanding our community outreach educational initiative and the general promotion of animal welfare.